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Flooding is one of Florida's most common hazards. It is a coast to coast threat that can occur at any time of the year. Due to the relatively flat terrain across Florida, it is complicated to drain accumulated water. When rivers rise, water tends to spread out far from riverbanks and remain on land. The pooling of water poses a significant risk, not as much from swift moving water, but more from one’s inability to judge water depth. Water only inches deep can be next to water that is several feet deep.

Florida has more private property at risk from flooding linked to climate change than any other state, an amount that could double in the next four decades. By 2030, $69 billion in property in Florida could flood that is not at risk today due to rising sea levels. That amount is projected to climb to $152 billion by 2050. It is important to move this water to designated retention areas where it can be held and cleaned before it discharges to underground water supplies.

Sun State Systems, Inc. helped the city of Ocala design many of their advanced storm water control systems to keep the water flowing. In response, storm-caused water damage to the city's residents and businesses has severely declined.

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