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Controlling the environmental impact of a landfill is a challenge. New systems incorporate multiple layers of liners and barriers to collect leachate into a storage tank where it can then be safely disposed of to avoid groundwater contamination. In the United States, landfills are regulated by the EPA, and must adhere to several laws, including location restrictions, composite liner requirements, leachate collection and removal systems, specific operating practices, groundwater monitoring requirements, and financial assurances for closure and post-closure care requirements.

Rain falling on the top of a landfill is the main contributor to generating leachate. After this toxic liquid is pumped into storage tanks, it is transported to different areas of a landfill, or another facility for safe treatment and disposal.

Sun State Systems has worked with many landfill operators to create the automated control solutions to ensure that leachate is properly moved to its final destination. It is important for these systems to be redundant and as automated as possible to minimize the environmental footprint, protect our drinking water, and ensure cost-effective operation.